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Interested in going to some of the festivals mentioned in the book Food & Folklore: A Year of Italian Festivals or the blog

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  • May 4-10 Tuscany   May festivals, food, wine & folklore SOLD OUT
  • October 20-26 Tuscany   Autumn festivals, artisans, truffles, olive oil, cheese & wine
  • October 27-November 2 Tuscany   autumn festivals, artisans, truffles, olive oil, cheese & wine
  • Private & Custom Small Group Tours to Italy Available for other dates/times. Makes a great family trip, multi-generational family trip or girlfriend getaway!


Come see my “Year of Italian Festivals” presentation AND pick-up some great travel tips and ideas!

  • May 2018 Tuscany   May festivals, food, wine & folklore
  • July 2018 Tuscany   The Palio historic horse race, food & folklore
  • October 2018 Tuscany   Autumn folklore, truffles, olive oil & wine
  • October 2018 Piemonte   Truffles, wine & folklore
  • TBD Emilia-Romagna   Foodie & folklore festivals
  • TBD Southern Italy & Sicily   Festivals, food & family heritage!


  • Travel Agency  We can help you with planning and booking the elements of a great adventure!
  • Heritage Travel  Genealogy & Ancestral Travel: Whether it’s exploring the battlefields of Patriotic Ancestors, visiting an ancestral village,  performing research in a foreign country or meeting relatives in distant lands, we can coordinate your trip of a lifetime!
  • Fun with Festivals Tours   Relaxed, escorted, independent & small group travel on multiple-festival itineraries throughout the year; let us know if you are interested and we’ll provide more details about our tour schedule (See Below). 
  • Festival Itinerary Consulting   Perhaps you’ve been to Italy before and are looking for something different or already made your travel plans. You provide us with when and where you plan to travel in Italy, we’ll do the research for you and provide a list of festivals occurring during the exact time frame of your trip.
  • Custom Festival Itineraries  You know approximately when and/or where in Italy you want to go, or maybe what type of festival you want to go to, but haven’t booked your trip yet; we’ll discuss your interests with you and create an itinerary for your trip to Italy, then you take it from there.
  • Personal Travel Planning  For the busy person with no time for research, we’ll do the legwork and you show up for your Italian adventure.

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